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Status:      [10m]

The panel above shows an example of the display indicating who is on-line at any given moment.
How do I login? Just enter a nickname and click  Login , no password is necessary. You can't use a nickname that someone else is already using, or a nickname that is registered to someone with a profile. If you have a profile, you will need to enter your nickname and your password (you can do this even if it shows you as already logged in).

How do I send a message? To post a Trans-MISSION in the chat room, just enter the message you wish to send in the box at the bottom of the screen and click  SEND  or click the right arrow.

How do I leave the chat room? There are lots of ways to leave the room. You can click the EXIT button, the red cross, type 'exit' or 'quit' as a message, or just close the chat window to leave the chat room.

How do I turn the sounds off? You can turn the sound effects on and off by clicking the SOUND button or the loudspeaker symbol.

What does the status colour mean? The colour of the status (red, amber or green) represents the level of tolerance of the room to bad language. When it is green, bad language is simply censored. When it is amber, any messages containing bad language are completely censored and the person who sent it temporarily loses their private Trans-MISSIONs. When the colour is red, anyone caught using bad language will be ejected from the room! It is a sad that such a feature is required, however it became necessary after the behaviour of some of the users of the room became intolerable. The red/amber/green warning system employed was felt to be the most reasonable compromise.

What is the number under the list of names? The time shown under the list of names (for example [10m]) is the time remaining (in minutes) until you fall asleep and are automatically logged out. Every time you post a message, this timer is reset to 15 minutes (or 30 minutes if you have a profile). After the timer expires, you will be sent back to the login page.

How do I send a private Trans-MISSION? In order to send private Trans-MISSIONS to another user, you must have set-up a profile for your nickname. To send someone a private Trans-MISSION, click the the purple head next to their name. A prompt will appear (click this head user for an example). Enter your message and click  OK  to send it or  Cancel  if you decide not to. If you send too many private Trans-MISSIONs in a short space of time, you will exceed your quota; chatting in the room again will reset it. Beware: messages are limited to 150 characters so if you type more than that it will get chopped off. If a user has a silver head, they are using an old browser and are unable to receive private Trans-MISSIONs. You can't send a private Trans-MISSION to yourself!

How do I receive a private Trans-MISSION? When you receive a private Trans-MISSION, a pop-up box appears. Click  CLEAR  to close the box so that you can receive future Trans-MISSIONs, or  REPLY  to reply to the sender or  IGNORE  to ignore all future messages from that sender - useful if they are annoying you!.

What is 'zzz' about? A 'zzz' next to someone's name means that they have not posted a message for a long time and will fall asleep soon unless they do so. You don't see this against your own name as you can see how long you have left before you fall asleep.

What is the 'profile' next to my name? You click on the pin next to your own name to set up your chat room profile. If you already have a profile, you can edit it and view it by clicking the pin. You will need to choose a password to set up a profile as you will need it again to edit your profile in the future and to login (this stops other people editing your profile and logging in as you!) When you submit a picture for your profile, it will be checked to make sure that it's the right size and not indecent, then approved. Until then your profile will show 'PICTURE AWAITING APPROVAL'. If the picture you posted is deemed unsuitable (offensive or indecent) your picture will not show and you see the status of 'PICTURE NOT APPROVED'. A Golden Pin (profile) shows when your picture has been approved.

What is the pin next to someone else's name? Click on the pin next to someone's name to show that person's profile (click this pin profile for an example). Gold pins indicate that the users's picture has been approved; red pins mean that no picture has been submitted or it has not yet been approved.

Can I make the chat text bigger? Yes! You can make the text 3 different sizes. Click on the examples below to set the text in the chat room to that size:
 :: Click here for small text
 :: Click here for medium-sized text
 :: Click here for large text

What are actions? If you start your chat room message with /me, instead of appearing as a chat message it appears as an action. So if you type /me falls off her heels (again!) it will show in the chat room as YOU! falls off her heels (again!) (if you don't understand - try it and see the difference).

What is the number at the bottom left of the screen? The number at the bottom left of the screen (below the time clock and next to where you enter your message) shows the number of private Trans-MISSIONs you have. If you don't have a profile this will be permanently set at '0'. If you do have a profile you will start with 2. Each time you send a message the number will go down but chatting in the room will restore the count.

How do I get the pink faces? There are a whole series of smilies that you can type (such as razz). The table below shows a list of them together with which letters you need to type to access them.

Smilie Code Smilie Code Smilie Code
smile :) or :-) wink ;) or ;-) cool 8) or 8-)
big grin :D or :-D razz :P or :-P neutral :| or :-|
cheesygrin :)) or :-)) shock :O or :-O confused :? :-? :S or :-S
sad :( or :-( cry :(( or :-(( angel O:) or O:-)
lol LOL exclaim :!: question :?:
eek :eek: blush :blush: rolleyes :rolleyes:
twisted :devil: idea :idea: mad :angry:
heart :heart: time :time: kiss :kiss: :x or :-x
pumpkin :pumpkin: cute :cute: whacky :whacky:
love :love: mrgreen :green: crazy :aargh:
phone :phone: hush :hush: moon :moon:
tea :tea: spin :spin: roll :roll:
boggle :boggle: