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Trans-MISSION :: Frequently Asked Questions
FAQConfused? Don't be! Below is a compiliation (in no particular order) of the most frequently asked questions that we get asked about Trans-MISSION. We hope that most of the questions you may have will be answered here, but if they aren't please take a look around our web-site which has many more nuggest of information. If that fails then why not give our tranny search engine a try to see if you can find the answer there?.
  1. What is Trans-MISSION?
  2. When are you next open?
  3. Why did you stop running monthly events?
  4. When you are not open, can you suggest anywhere else to go?
  5. Who is welcome at Trans-MISSION?
  6. I am a single male. Will I be welcome?
  7. Do you have a Dress Code?
  8. What is Trans-MISSION like?
  9. No. Really. What's it like?
  10. If I come to Trans-MISSION, will my picture appear on the web-site?
  11. My photo was taken but my picture isn't on the web-site?
  12. I would like a job at Trans-MISSION so I can live my life freely as a T*Girl?
  13. I am a single male. What will people say?
upQ1: What is Trans-MISSION?
Trans-MISSION (or 'TX' as we like to abbreviate it) is a club or party-night specifically targeted at trannies (and by that we mean transvestites, transsexuals and cross-dressers). It was established in 2002 and has been held at venues around the UK including London, Birmingham, Manchester and Colchester (though we called our events outside London 'Trans-NATION' to differentiate them).

What makes Trans-MISSION different from other clubs of its type is the completely relaxed, hassle-free environment that we aim to provide so that t*girls of all types relax and enjoy themselves, and all our venues have been chosen with this aim in mind. Although 'admirers' do come along, they come to take part and enjoy themselves and if they're found hassling the girls they are given a good talking to! All the venues we have used have had a dance floor where we play funky dance music, and a quieter area where people can chat, and we always ensure that every person that comes through our doors is welcomed with a smile (and a hug if needed).
upQ2: When are you next open?
Since the loss of our previous London Headquarters (see below), we have not been running monthly events. At present there are no specific plans to re-start such events, however we are hoping to hold some ad-hoc one-off events from time-to-time. Though we have no plans to do so, we have not ruled out running regular events again in the future.

Please check out our future events page for the latest information on dates and venues for future Trans-MISSION events.
upQ3: Why did you stop running monthly events?
In February 2007, the owners of the venue we used in London (The Masque Bar as it had become know) neglected to pay certain of their dues (whether this was tax, licensing, council or suppliers we don't know) and the bar was put into the hands of the receivers - thus Trans-MISSION became homeless. We were given no notice of this - it came as a bit of a shock! One we'd picked up our handbags and re-powdered our noses, we spent many a busy evening trolling around various alternative venues in London trying to find a new home. Unfortunately nowhere we found was quite right, not least because most were very expensive to hire in comparison to our original venue. Instead of running TX from a sub-standard venue or having to put the price up massively and still risking losing thousands of pounds, we decided to suspend regular events for the time being. This is not to say that TX won't return on a regular basis and indeed we have been approached by several venue owners with a view to offering us a place to re-start regular events. Only time will tell, so check back frequently for the latest news.
upQ4: When you are not open, can you suggest anywhere else to go?
There are lots of t*girl hang-outs across the UK (and indeed across the world). We'd fall short of specifically recommending anywhere as in this instance the old maxim, 'One girls's meat is another girl's poison' is true. Just because we like somewhere doesn't mean you will. We would however, recommend taking a peek at our clubs, bars and special events page where there are links to a variety of clubs and events that are either specifically meant for trannies or are very friendly towards them. The list is not exhaustive, as we can't keep track of the regular ups and downs of the UK's tranny scene but it does consist of places that are supporters or friends of Trans-MISSION and its staff.
upQ5: Who is welcome at Trans-MISSION?
Trans-MISSION is open to everyone and we regularly attract over 200 t*girls (a phrase we like to use to encompass cross-dressers, transvestites and transexuals - for more definitions look here) and their friends and partners. We do not have a strict dress code, and the fetish community are common visitors too (though we would prefer it if you dressed to impress and we discourage inappropriate or lewd outfits and behaviour!)

Trans-MISSION is a place where everyone can enjoy themselves whether transgendered, straight, bisexual, gay, female, male, old, young (or any other category that we have missed...)
upQ6: I am a single male. Will I be welcome?
What is it with single males that they somehow think that 'everyone' excludes them...?! Please read the answer to the last question!

In direct response to a question we get all the time: 'Admirers' are welcome at Trans-MISSION, as long as you come along with the intention of having a chat and a dance - we are not a pick-up joint and anyone found annoying or propositioning the girls will be asked to calm down or leave!
upQ7: Do you have a Dress Code?
Yes, we do. It's not strict, we just like people to look their best. Take a look at our dress code page for more information.
upQ8: What is Trans-MISSION like?
If our web-site doesn't give you a good enough feel for what our events are like, then we need to shoot our web-mistress. It is a relaxed place, where people come along to enjoy themselves, chat to old friends and meet new ones, have a dance and a drink and generally feel good about themselves and (for many of our guests) feel proud and happy to be transgendered. We regularly get over 200 t*girls of all kinds from glamour godesses to plain Janes and everyone is made to feel equally at home. We try our best to ensure that girls out for the first time have a very special night and if you read our guestbook, it seems that they appreciate it.

We should probably just add for completeness that anyone found engaging in untoward activities whilst attending our parties will be asked to leave!
upQ9: No. Really. What's it like?
If we can't convince you that we are telling the truth, have a surf around the internet and see what other people have said about us, or take a look at our reviews page. We're not saying that we are perfect, but we do believe that we provide a fun and friendly atmosphere where everyone can have a good time and enjoy themselves.
PhotographeressupQ10: If I come to Trans-MISSION, will my picture appear on the web-site?
We ask before taking any pictures for our web-site. In the rare occasion that a photo is published of someone who did not wish to have their picture taken, we are happy to remove any pictures - just get in touch with us.
upQ11: My photo was taken but my picture isn't on the web-site?
Every month at Trans-MISSION our photographer takes many morebad photo example photos than actually end up in our monthly gallery, so not all pictures that are taken end up on our web-site. If any are taken where girls aren't looking their best they don't get published - we would hate for anyone to be embarassed by their picture just because they were sneezing or blinking at the instant we took it! Don't be upset if you didn't make it. It doesn't mean we didn't like the look of you - far from it - our quality check procedure makes sure that if you do make it, everyone will realise just how fabulous you really were looking!
upQ12: I would like a job at Trans-MISSION so I can live my life freely as a T*Girl?
Where to start here? Firstly, we do not have many jobs available at Trans-MISSION, indeed other than the occasional bit of assistance with our cloak-room or on the door on busy nights we don't have any employment options at all. If you are interested in the once a month, occasional work which we might have, by all means send us an e-mail, we are always happy to hear from reliable T*Girls. If you think that a job at Trans-MISSION will be sufficient to live off - think again!

As for a job with us securing your ability to live your life in a frock - you can do that whether you have a job or not!!
upQ13: I am a single male. What will people say?
Look. Just turn up and be prepared to relax and enjoy yourself with the rest of our happy crowd. You will look much more attractive if you are smiling and shaking your stuff rather than cowering in a corner!
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