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Links: Shoes, Boots and Sandals
Here are links to companies who sell hot high heel shoes, sexy stilettos, strappy sandals, kinky boots, 'f**k-me' pumps and other more sensible footwear! All these retailers are transvestite and cross-dresser friendly (and will usually have stock in UK sizes up to 13, that's 15 in the US) so don't be afraid to have a look around if you are looking for large sized ladies shoes.

Most trannies end up with a wardrobe of shoes that Imelda Marcus would be proud of - it seems that a pair of sexy high heels is one of the most critical parts of any aspiring transvestite's outfit. Our top tips:
  • If ordering very high heel shoes (say with a 4" or higher heel), order a half to a whole size larger than your usual fit, as the curvature of the foot forced by the high heel makes the shoe a tighter fit and you will need the extra space.
  • Always wear a new pair of shoes around the house, garden or office (if you're daring enough) before wearing them on a night out. High heeled shoes can become very uncomfortable after a while, especially strappy ones, so make sure you won't be crippled at the end of the night by getting used to them first.
  • Don't be afraid to get in touch or even call if you want more information from these footwear suppliers. They will think nothing of talking about the ins and outs of high heels with someone who might sound like a man, so there's no need to feign a girlie voice!
Happy shopping and do mention Trans-MISSION when placing any orders.

slingbacksTrans-MISSION has launched its own on-line personal shopper for trannies, where you can buy high heel shoes and lots of other tranny goodies. Fed up of scouring the web to track down sexy shoes, hot heels and beautiful boots (not to mention friendly flatties) that come in larger sizes (and by that we mean UK size 9 and over)? Well now there's no need. Just head on over to the Trans-MISSION tranny personal shopper and browse from an enormous range of sexy shoes in super sizes. All the hard work of digging out those elusive shoes has been done for you so just sit back and surf - it couldn't be easier!

Bananashoes - Sexy High Heels - UK Based
Bananashoes are one of the longest running and most respected 'fetish footwear' outlets in the UK. We've never heard a bad word about their service or products, and that's unusual in the tranny world where bitching is second nature! Also, be sure to check out our latest news page, as there are often special discounts available to those visiting the Trans-MISSION web-site.
moda in pelle
High heels (and short skirts) for trannies!
Cinderella Shoes
High Heel Ladies
Stiletto Girl
There are, of course, lots of 'adult' web-sites where you can find pictures of girls in high heels (and very little else), however Stiletto Girl is different in that the girls keep their clothes on - just very gorgeous girls in very high heels!

Kinky Boots
Kinky Boots - The MovieMany of you may will have seen the 2005 film 'Kinky Boots' in which a failing Northampton shoe manufacturer turns to the production of high heeled boots (and shoes) for the niche market of drag queens and 'men who dress as women' (or transvestites as we know them). Whilst the actual story told in the film has been embellished to make it more sexy, the shoe factory actually does exist and is still going producing both traditional brogues as well as their sexy stiletto side-line.

Trading under the name 'Divine', the company produces a high quality range of high heeled products which, as well as being available in 'mens' sizes, are also avaialble for the more petite too. Their prices may be a little higher than some of the other fetish suppliers who source their products overseas (China for example), but the quality of their British made products is excellent. 5-inch plus heels are not for the faint hearted tranny about town, but if you want to give them a go, and be sure that your heel won't break every time you fall over attempting to walk (even though your ankle might!) give Divine a try.

Although Divine does have a web-site, there isn't much to see on it. Divine's range of shoes can be bought at many of the suppliers listed above, in particular Bananashoes.

Oh, and if you have seen the film and wondered were it was set, it wasn't made at Trans-MISSION, nor the WayOut Club, but was meant to be Madame JoJo's in London's Soho district. And some of the trannies who played the audience in the film you will occasionally find strutting their stuff at Trans-MISSION. Many of the others were drag queens who tend not to come out clubbing, as they only don a frock to put on a show!
High Heels in the News…
Extreme High HeelsHigh heels are costing the nation £29 million a year through injuries to feet, according to new figures.
  • Operations and medical procedures to correct damaged feet can cost sufferers thousands of pounds a time.
  • Bunion removal due to wearing high heels too frequently can cost £4,000 a time and £10.5 million is spent on this procedure each year.
  • Toe straightening, the most common procedure, can cost £1,200 each time and £10.4 million is spent on this every 12 months.
  • Big toe joint replacement is also costly at £4,000 a time, adding up to £3.3 million over a year.
  • Corns account for 12 per cent of high heel injuries, and with treatment costing £800 a time, this costs the nation £2.9 million per annum.
  • Removal of trapped nerves can cost £2,000 to carry out, amounting to £2 million a year, while ingrowing toenails cost £250 to treat and £200,000 is spent on this every 12 months.
The study of 1,000 women, funded by shoe company MBT, found that those living in Liverpool and Manchester were most likely to suffer from wearing heels, with 45 per cent wearing them every day. It also found that 42 per cent of the women surveyed reported having some kind of accident in their heels, with twisted ankles and falling over the most common mishaps.

Emma Supple, consultant podiatrist for the MBT Academy, said: "While we all love our high heels, wearing them for prolonged periods is bad news for our health and our wallets."
"We need to mix and match our choice of footwear to allow our bodies time to recover."
She urged women to consider a more balanced "diet" of shoe wear.
ITN News, 1 October 2008
Trans-MISSION says… It's a good job they didn't interview the tranny community where high heel wearing runs at uncharted highs. As for injuries, sprained ankles are the biggest problem…!
Party HeelsScreen magazine reports that the 2015 Cannes Film Festival turned away women from a red carpet event for not wearing high heels.

Christine Aimé from the festival told the BBC that: "Rules have not changed throughout the years (tuxedo, formal dress for Gala screenings). There is no specific mention about the height of the women's heels."

Vicci Ho, a former film festival programmer, was turned away from a 7pm screening because she was wearing flats. However after arguing with four guards for ten minutes, explaining to them that she had ankle issues which meant she could not wear heels, she was allowed in. She told the BBC: "It's been ridiculous this year. Cannes need to catch up with the times. Being fashionable for a woman is no longer about wearing heels. They need to train their guards better. I was wearing nice leather shoes, but told that these were street shoes and I needed to change them. I respect the rule and the location but at the same time I was in formal dress."

Times journalist Anna Mikha told us she saw a producer turned away from the red carpet until she changed into heels. The furore could be an embarrassment for the festival which has been trying to put women's roles in the world of cinema in the spotlight this year.
BBC Newsbeat, 19 May 2015
Trans-MISSION says… Perhaps they should invite more trannies to the event, as there's no way that any self-respecting tranny would be seen wearing flats, especially if teamed up with a posh frock and lots of red lippy (to match the carpet when they eventually fall to the floor drunk)!
Disclaimer: Whilst we have made every effort to only include organisations we believe to be respectable and honest, we can not control the content of external web-sites; nor does the appearance of a link constitute any endorsement of a product or service by Trans-MISSION.
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