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We get hundreds of trannies and cross-dressers not to mention girls and boys visiting our web-site every day and some want to leave their own mark on our plumptious pages. Why not join them and add your own comments to our girlie guestbook?
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17 Aug 2017From: joe e-mail novinhagostosa.online/tag/morena-safada-transando/
Amigo, me salvaste la vida con este post! Eso es justo lo que estaba buscando! Podria hacer mas articulos relacionados? Saludos de su lector kevin duart de madrid
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28 Jun 2017From: Joe Balunas e-mail
Need help changing my password. Can anyone help me?
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24 May 2017From: 63yroldnow e-mail
How do I change my Trans-MISSION password? Any help is much aporeciate.
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06 Feb 2017From: Rosea e-mail besttacticalreviews.com
This is one of the best oldest website!
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09 Dec 2016From: 63yroldnow e-mail
Been away, hut back now. Hope to rekindle past friendships.
Entry #439 :: From host pool-96-227-116-155.phlapa.fios.verizon.net

14 Oct 2016From: Mike e-mail
Have been curious and interested for some time in areas both personal and business/creative.Looking for a trans contact to discuss ideas both personal and creative. If you can help me personally, I will owe you favours, If you can help me creative and business wise I will cut you in for fair share of profit. You also get first refusal on everything!Me? I am a gentle yet passionate man, very creative and adventurous. guitarist of many years playing, would love to find my other half composing words to say how they feel to inspire me to play and improvise out of this world, with the energy and feeling that accompanies two (or more) people to use physical pleasure (life force)to uplift to places beyond physicalities without diminishing pleasures. Would like to meet a friend who can introduce me to areas of transexuality.
Entry #438 :: From host

03 Jul 2016From: Danny e-mail
Hey everyone, I'm a new cross dresser, nice looking age 26, staying in Luton and looking for some random safe and discreet sex. email me if interested for more info ;)
Entry #437 :: From host b0fa664a.bb.sky.com

16 May 2016From: Prinze Paul e-mail
I love this move & would love to spin for ya'lll
Entry #436 :: From host h66.113.139.40.ip.windstream.net

13 May 2016From: shaun x e-mail
Horny n high in clapham x
Entry #435 :: From host

13 May 2016From: shaun x e-mail
Horny n high in clapham x
Entry #434 :: From host

13 May 2016From: shaun x e-mail
Horny n high in clapham x
Entry #433 :: From host

15 Apr 2016From: leggybimbotv e-mail
heya everyone x just thought id sign the book as I'm new here x cant wait to meet everyone x love from Candace x
Entry #432 :: From host 5ac10cee.bb.sky.com

15 Apr 2016From: John www.hubnames.com/
Great website. I love your site
Entry #431 :: From host

10 Feb 2016From: jayne
Over half of the sites on your uktg topsite are dead end sites. Please remove them and clean up that toplist so the other sites get the proper traffic hits. thanks
Entry #430 :: From host

25 Dec 2015From: TaraLynne
Loved chatting here with all the girls, makes me feel very comfortable, If i offended anyone my apologies sort of, I love This sight Thank you, TaraLynne
Entry #429 :: From host 107-203-101-222.lightspeed.sndgca.sbcglobal.net

11 Oct 2015From: John e-mail
male admirer, based in kent, intrested to meet and talk, i admire from afar, but in all sorts of ways have no experience, realistically, my fanasies are probably just that but would like to chat and get to know more personlly
Entry #428 :: From host host86-171-139-168.range86-171.btcentralplus.com

15 May 2015From: Pete Murphy e-mail
Hoping to chat with crossdresser tv are you interested petm2345@yahoo.co.uk like this site
Entry #427 :: From host ip-92-51-216-78.satellite.digiweb.ie

31 May 2012From: Dawn Marie e-mail
why am I being blocked and shut down? what did I do? is it me or my computer? please e-mail me with an answer.
Entry #426 :: From host adsl-65-8-139-149.mia.bellsouth.net

23 Apr 2012From: MIchel e-mail
Hi, I am looking for Lola TS or TV from London, who knows me - Eva from Prague. Lola lives in London, Kensington in years 1999-2000,she was close friend with Phaedra Kelly. I wat know, how she is this time. This is very important information for me. Thanks for any message!
Entry #425 :: From host ip-85-160-54-175.eurotel.cz

05 Apr 2012From: dominique e-mail
Open invite for anyone to reception of Dominique Kempshall and Matthew Wicks on 7 April 2012 at 16.00, at Premier Inn, London
We will be happy to see you all!
Premier Inn
18 Parkfield Street, Islington,
London N1 0PS
Entry #424 :: From host ks3095021.kimsufi.com

18 Feb 2012From: HairSaloon e-mail esfera-network.com/ocart/index.php?route=common/home
Buy high quality wigs! with sleek style, high quality and low price, the awsome wigs provided on HairSaloon must be the ideal choice for your!

All the best for you!
Entry #423 :: From host

10 Feb 2011From: mike e-mail
hi there im trying to accomplish somthin here is to get cdtv ts sh i never did with one and i do wanna try it maybe it can turn into somthin hit me thanks
Entry #422 :: From host ool-4a59736d.dyn.optonline.net

21 Jan 2011From: Ronnie e-mail
A great site and a very friendly chat room. I must make regular visits.
Entry #421 :: From host host86-144-157-244.range86-144.btcentralplus.com

14 Jan 2011From: vincent gault e-mail
im a 20 yr old bi male lloking first time with a transexual...i live in liverpool for uni i originaly come from belfast, ireland.
add me on yahoo...vincent.gault@yahoo.co.uk
Entry #420 :: From host host86-166-19-222.range86-166.btcentralplus.com

12 Dec 2010From: carlos e-mail
if any tranny came to southport i want to see u xxxx
Entry #419 :: From host

28 Nov 2010From: Dan e-mail
Hi, Flying into London saturday night. Any girls fancy a date. Drop me a mail. beerhunter1959@btinternet.com.
Entry #418 :: From host

19 Nov 2010From: eddie e-mail
I male from Brasil looking for first time tg/tv in London, I would like to attend the club, any chance to send de address, and future events. I look faward to hearing from you.
can tex me at: 07738090675
Entry #417 :: From host 93-96-144-49.zone4.bethere.co.uk

26 Oct 2010From: Chrisian Troy e-mail
Hi male looking for first time tg/tv, if you're near Herftford send me an email, c1troy@hotmail.co.uk I look faward to hearing from you.

Entry #416 :: From host

21 Sep 2010From: Marlen e-mail home.myspace.com/marlen
Hy, I'm a full time trans girl from Croatia (near Rijeka) I'm interesting in any kind of opportunity according job proposal , I speak fluently Italian English and I haw a lot of experience like bartender, waiters, maybe secretary will be nice....I'm also interested in a serious relationship....
thx and please contact me for any details..
best regards
please contact me on my mail address..
Entry #415 :: From host 89-172-41-19.adsl.net.t-com.hr

17 Sep 2010From: azza e-mail
heyy ilive in berkshire area looking for 1st time with TV can anyone help me lol my emails a.fraser@live.co.uk im on msn :) x
Entry #414 :: From host host86-177-141-189.range86-177.btcentralplus.com

12 Sep 2010From: Alan e-mail
Hi girls i am a TG lover who is a horny soldier. I am 43 and would love to wine and dine a TGirl aged 25 - 55, If you are shy we can be discreet or if you are bashful then im up for a drink and a good night out. Get in touch even if you just fancy a chat x
Alanj1551@hotmail.co.uk thanks
Entry #413 :: From host

02 Sep 2010From: Adrian Donnell e-mail
Hi Boys, please feel free to call me and arrange to meet, no strings, no wierdos pls 07917801155 south west preffered, can accommodate overnight, very discreet
Entry #412 :: From host 85-189-180-128.class.managedbroadband.co.uk

27 Aug 2010From: Dexter e-mail
its really nice page :) i am looking forward to meet with really nice tgirls :)
Entry #411 :: From host ip-93-188-ip-159.caucasus.net

19 Aug 2010From: Don howards e-mail
Hey I'm a 19 yr old male who wants to have naughty fun with crossdressers. Please e mail pics or just to talk at howardsdon@yahoo.com
Entry #410 :: From host

11 Aug 2010From: tony e-mail
hi all, so great page this is, and iam from Stockholm, in sweden by the way.
hi to you all, Tony
Entry #409 :: From host 90-230-66-249-no84.tbcn.telia.com

05 Aug 2010From: steviecavan e-mail
Just popped in to say great site ...even 4 us male admirers...pity weren't more from Ireland here keep her lit :)
Entry #408 :: From host dsl-052-198.cust.imagine.ie

03 Aug 2010From: cazoom
found this wonderful site after my first outing.. wow what a day..what a site..
Entry #407 :: From host 69-11-109-49.regn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca

13 Jul 2010From: www.wonderlandwigs.co.uk e-mail www.wonderlandwigs.co.uk/
Hi, Just dropping you a note to say i LOVE the site. I'm an online wig seller, and hope you dont' mind me posting my link here - but i thought people may be interested in having a browse.
Thanks and keep up the good work :)
Entry #406 :: From host 94-192-5-235.zone6.bethere.co.uk

07 Jul 2010From: donna aka donald henderson
hi im a tranny and i love it ,bleached blonde hair ,fake tan,long legs i live in pwert scotland i live with robert hes a plumber everything is going well for me as a tranny ,you do good work
Entry #405 :: From host cpc1-pert2-0-0-cust1145.sgyl.cable.virginmedia.com

03 Jul 2010From: Jarrah White e-mail
Hi Guys
I'm in the Sydney area and like being dominated by cross dressers. You can email me at jarrahw@gmail.com.
Entry #404 :: From host client-81-107-140-212.midd.adsl.virginmedia.com
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