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We get hundreds of trannies and cross-dressers not to mention girls and boys visiting our web-site every day and some want to leave their own mark on our plumptious pages. Why not join them and add your own comments to our girlie guestbook?
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06 Jun 2010From: Hunter e-mail
Hey lookin for a transexual, just really lonely and if you have any pics of yourself send them to jumpma5t3r@yahoo.com
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03 May 2010From: Bambe' Marlin e-mail www.myspace.com/runbamberun
Hi, I'm not a tranny but met a lot when I lived in Vegas. I wrote a song a while back
your fans might enjoy, it's called "JJ's Got a Secret"..
Thanks, Bambe Marlin (GLBT friendly)

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03 May 2010From: Bambe' Marlin e-mail www.myspace.com/runbamberun
Hi, I'm not a tranny but met a lot when I lived in Vegas. I wrote a song a while back
your fans might enjoy, it's called "JJ's Got a Secret"..
Thanks, Bambe Marlin (GLBT friendly)

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19 Apr 2010From: JohannaLoveable
Really liked it here... Greetings from a Swedish tranny :) johannaloveable@yahoo.com
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09 Apr 2010From: Tamara  e-mail pr0n.adaria.info
Nice page your a having here.
Greetings from overseas!

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02 Apr 2010From: brandon e-mail
male looking for first time tg/tv, if you're near swindon send me an email, blackfieldfms@hotmail.co.uk
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02 Apr 2010From: Andrew Hall e-mail
I'm a hot tranny in the manchester area. Email me at ahall@granitenet if you want to meet up!!!!!!
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06 Mar 2010From: Irfan e-mail
Hey get in touch anyone who fancies chatting,irfan_cainywainy1@yahoo.com
Love tohear from you all in UK
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07 Feb 2010From: keijo e-mail
Thank you that we are in last time and Jesus is coming with power and in of darkness time in very soon,be ready and joy and sing and leap and love the Lord ,who has saved us and has healed us ,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden
Entry #435 :: From host h54n1c1o871.bredband.skanova.com

05 Feb 2010From: Terry Nationelle
hello from terry nationelle, the nation's favourite tranny. please please please bring back transmission. the world is lost without you
Entry #434 :: From host 94-193-162-145.zone7.bethere.co.uk

19 Feb 2009From: james e-mail
i luv girl
Entry #433 :: From host

09 Feb 2009From: bedroomjoy e-mail
Lovely to be here along with so many exciting friends
Entry #432 :: From host hil-gst.lankacom.lk

30 Jan 2009From: leanne
hi just like to say that since i have been comming to the chat room ,its gven me a lot moreconfidence about myself
Entry #431 :: From host p71.cpiak1-n16.callplus.net.nz

29 Jan 2009From: mustafa e-mail mustafa.naser@hotmail.com
i love trans-mission
Entry #430 :: From host

20 Dec 2008From: NAOUM PATRICK MOUBARAK e-mail
Entry #429 :: From host 189-72-214-183.cpece700.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br

15 Dec 2008From: Mike e-mail
based in London for for fun times with any girls out there. x
Entry #428 :: From host

10 Dec 2008From: serdar e-mail
its serdar .i want to meet asian t girls.sevgili13@hotmail.com
Entry #427 :: From host

10 Nov 2008From: michelle e-mail
love your site great chat room lots of friendly girls.if any of girls wish feel free to email me because I can make you feel like a lady and will treat you as one
Entry #426 :: From host dhcp-0-19-5b-93-86-73.cpe.quickclic.net

08 Nov 2008From: jason e-mail
I m looking for a ts and wanted to know where i could find one for fun
Entry #425 :: From host customer9651.pool1.Croydon-GLN2000-BAS0001.orangehomedsl.co.uk

05 Nov 2008From: orhan e-mail
hi julie you sound interesting would you like meetings as im close to yur location ? add me orhan_29@hotmail.co.uk x
Entry #424 :: From host cpc1-lutn8-0-0-cust153.lutn.cable.ntl.com

05 Nov 2008From: orhan e-mail
Hi im 21 m london looking for sexy ts/tv/cd for sexy hot fun and f-ship only in the uk.. im well toned muscly and big guy that loves ts/tv/cd.. if you want to chat email or add me orhan_29@hotmail.co.uk
Entry #423 :: From host cpc1-lutn8-0-0-cust153.lutn.cable.ntl.com

03 Nov 2008From: jason e-mail
I wanna make friends

Entry #422 :: From host customer14372.pool1.Croydon-GLN2000-BAS0001.orangehomedsl.co.uk

22 Oct 2008From: TK & PJ e-mail www.infinitysociety.org
Intellectual couple F40-M44 interested in long-term friendship with other TVs (she Bi-Dom, he Hom-Ero-TV. Just moved back from US. Sad to see this venue gone. Any suggests? No 'with benefits', either way, please. We're sophisticated and pleasantly odd.
Entry #421 :: From host

01 Aug 2008From: Steve e-mail
Going to Barcelona Spain and wondering where to find T-girls there.
Entry #420 :: From host

15 Jun 2008From: nikki e-mail
Hi, tv Nikki looking for fun nights out and socialising. xx
Entry #419 :: From host cpc1-rdng5-0-0-cust450.winn.cable.ntl.com

14 Jun 2008From: mark e-mail
must be a great place to be ;) i will visit london soon. would like to meet some great party poeple.am a 31 yr old str8.
Entry #418 :: From host c10-245.i05-3.onvol.net

10 Jun 2008From: julie e-mail
Sexy tv wishing to meet tv admirer for occasional fun days/evenings in. Must be able to acccomodate. North London/Hert/Bucks area. Preferably mature and well built.
Entry #417 :: From host

14 May 2008From: sheila e-mail
hi Girls, i'm a transexual from MI and just want to say hi to all of the girls out there. a wonderful site. keep up the good work,
hugs and kisses
Entry #416 :: From host ip61-192-85-74.speednetllc.com

12 May 2008From: Pauliina Hotti e-mail
Hi everybody,
I am Pauliina, a transgirl from Finland.
I love to dress up as a real lady,
I am new here in this spciety. I love to be a "woman" and am waiting for my husband to come..I hope to meet one some day.
Entry #415 :: From host cs128128.pp.htv.fi

27 Apr 2008From: Michael Ezra e-mail
I love this site, I like dressing like a real lady and I feel at ease here x
Entry #414 :: From host

12 Apr 2008From: June Bug
To Ginger1947.....you're plenty courageous. Feel free to email me at the usual place for the help you were interested in! I have a couple of tips for you.
Hugs! June Bug :)
Entry #413 :: From host rrcs-24-97-17-18.nys.biz.rr.com

23 Feb 2008From: Summer www.pinkchix.co.uk or www.pinkpunters.com
Hi all just a little message Pink Punters now holds a new night on the last friday of every month called "Pink Chix". So if you like the sound of the name please have a look at the two websites above and pop along!! Hope to see you all soon Miss Summer Clearance xx
Entry #412 :: From host cache-los-ae08.proxy.aol.com

19 Feb 2008From: Beatrice e-mail www.wigbar.com
Hi everyone!
blowing kisses from NYC.

Entry #411 :: From host user-12lcdhn.cable.mindspring.com

17 Feb 2008From: james e-mail
i am looking to meet a ts or tv for fun and maybe more it would be my first time for anything like this i cannot accomadate but can travel.
Entry #410 :: From host host81-139-118-53.in-addr.btopenworld.com

16 Feb 2008From: Tara Jayne e-mail
Hi im a sexy glam tgirl looking for tgirl friends in the manchester are. I love nites out or shopping but cannot accomodate so ideally you might, lol xx Tara
Entry #409 :: From host host86-143-227-99.range86-143.btcentralplus.com

30 Jan 2008From: GINGER1947 e-mail
Been visiting your chat room on and off for a long time. One of your monitors -- Christina, i think her name is -- keeps ejecting me. Usually for no reason, except she doesn't like me. Wish you would look into this, as it is abusive.
I believe she would say that I am trolling, but it isn't true. I am always very nice to all of the girls, and try to be kind to everyone. If you have the ability to review what I have said and done, you will find this to be true.
Thank you for your kindness.
Entry #408 :: From host de2324.health.state.ny.us

15 Jan 2008From: Herman from Holland,actually Limburg
Dear Vicky Valentine;what is your status today? Single?Relation?I find YOU a very attractive lady,so if you are single put it on your site.
Entry #407 :: From host cp1165491-a.landg1.lb.home.nl

13 Jan 2008From: donald fraser e-mail
Entry #406 :: From host host217-42-107-33.range217-42.btcentralplus.com

13 Jan 2008From: donald fraser e-mail
get in touch.
Entry #405 :: From host host217-42-107-33.range217-42.btcentralplus.com

11 Jan 2008From: claudia e-mail
sexi transvestite m/f looking for reach boyfriend im very sexi and need horny man i want you treakt me like woman:)
Entry #404 :: From host customer6060.pool1.unallocated-106-128.orangehomedsl.co.uk
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