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Top Tranny Tips: Hair & Wigs

Haircuts, Wigs and Extensions

The Perfect TrannyVery few trannies are naturally blessed with sufficient hair that they don't need a little help (and as they get older, this becomes even more the case!) That said, there are those lucky t*girls whose natural hair is long enough and thick enough for them to be able to style it into a girlie fashion. Often this means growing hair long which can raise eyebrows depending on where you work, though short-cuts can work too. A 'bob' is a great look for a cross-dresser with her own hair but the problem is that when not all dressed up, the resulting style is a bit of a dead giveaway if you're trying to keep your transvestism concealed from your friends, family or work-mates. Even those who could use their own hair often choose not to, partly because it means having long hair or a pony-tail all the time or it means getting hot and sticky under a mountain of hair, especially in the summer. Be in no doubt, whether you wear a wig or have loads of your own hair, it does get rather warm - and in the case of a wig, imagine wearing a woolly hat indoors whilst you're dancing and you've pretty much got the impression of what it's like (which is one of the reasons why at Trans-MISSION we keep liked the air-conditioning turned down a little cooler than normal). And rememner that with plenty of make-up on, you'll already be rather warm and the extra heat caused by a 'tranny woolly hat' can lead to the kind of make-up meltdowns that require long periods in front of the mirrors in the ladies toilets re-powdering your nose.

Different Kinds of Wig

Sexy Girls in Silly WigsThere are basically three kinds of wigs that transvestites and cross-dressers usually choose from, each with their own pros and cons:
  • Natural Hair These are the ones where some poor woman in India grows her hair for 3 years just to have it cut off and turned into a wig. Natural hair takes a lot of looking after which might be a problem if you don't want to spend your weekends carefully washing and combing - though there are those for whom such a weekend would represent bliss!
  • Synthetic Ones As well as being much easier to clean and maintain synthetic wigs are also cheaper to buy and look virtually as good as real ones. They also come in a wide variety of pre-cut hairstyles and colours and are slightly more forgiving than natural ones. For our money, the synthetic ones are much better value being normally less then half the price of a natural one, so you could buy two different wigs and add a bit of variety to your look. You can simply wash these using normal shampoo and conditioner and if put on a stand, normally form right back into their original shape and style.
  • Party Wigs These cheap wigs are intended just for fun (often in pink, turquoise or some equally useless colour!) They are not recommended for the serious tranny unless you are intent on looking like a space-trooper, stripper or similar (which may be your thing!)

Choosing the Right Wig

Busty Woman in a Purple WigProbably the most difficult aspect of wigs, is choosing the right one as they come in so many different styles, colours and lengths. Longer wigs are more difficult to wear and look after than shorter ones and complicated styles are equally difficult to deal with. There are two options for buying a wig: one is to use an on-line retailer whose shop you can peruse at your leisure; the other is to visit a wig-shop which, believe it or not, most towns have. Most major department stores have a wig section and even some cosmetics/jewellery shops have a few barnets to choose from too. There is an increasing fashion for 'regular girls' to wear wigs when out clubbing in order to spice up their look or even to anonymise themselves ('Who on earth was that blonde last night making a right fool of herself...?' - which is a question that is a valid for a tranny as it is for anyone else!) Visiting a shop has the advantage that you can try different colours and styles on, but beware unless you take your make-up or put it on before you enter the shop, the final effect between that which you see in the mirror and the final result as it will actually appear when you're fully dressed can be very different. Your make-up will change the shape of your face and your skin colouring so what might look OK when your 'in bloke mode' may look completely different when you've got your slap on. Many shops that sell wigs are used to having cross-dressers visit and think nothing of it, but it might be polite to phone in advance, especially if you intend to go dressed.

Good Hair Example - NewsreaderA good place to start when choosing a colour is always your natural hair colour which is highly likely to match your skin tone, though foundation can change your skin tone quite drastically if you're not careful. Choosing a style can be more difficult and there's a tendency amongst many trannies to go for long or frizzy styles. These might seem an ideal way to girlify yourself but ask yourself how often you see real women with a long, frizzy perm! A better way to choose a style might be to pick on someone on the telly that you think has good hair (newsreaders are a good source of this!) and try to emulate them, that way you'll end up with a much more realistic feminine look. The only other thing to remember is that whatever style you go for, make sure that your own hair is completely covered up by the wig, especially if your hair and that of the wig are distinctly different colours. Using hair pins or clips is a good way to hold your normal hair in place whilst your wig sits over the top of it.
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