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We regularly get contacted by people wishing to publicise their tranny events, or looking for transvestite stars for their television programmes, or who have particular services that might suit the transgender community but who don't have a web-site we can easily link to, so we thought we'd put all this information together on one page and provide a genuine outlet for the latest news and gossip!

Thu, 12 January 2017
T'Boudoir comes t't North...!
More news from Jodie Lynn at The Boudoir:
The official opening of the new Boudoir Midlands is likely to take place in mid-March 2017.

The Boudoir Midlands is going to be in Stafford, just a 5 minute drive from Junction 14 off of the M6. It is also an equally short 5 minute taxi journey from Stafford Station. We will be providing a full dressing service and lounge as well as a separate photography studio for Professional Shoots and Mini-Shoots. We will also be organising events and accommodation can be provided on occasion.

The construction of The Boudoir Midlands is underway and we now have the Photography Studio part of the operation ready for business. We can already offer fantastic Professional Photoshoots and Makeovers To Go. Once the dressing service and lounge are finished, we will be able to offer you the whole kit and caboodle.

Our official opening is planned for early to mid-March 2017, when we will have a small cocktail party. In the meantime, we have some fabulous offers whilst we go through this phase of transition... we're sure you understand!
For more information email Jodie Lynn or call +44 (0)20 8211 1666.

Wed, 7 December 2016
Boudour Christmas Lunch
News comes to us that The Boudoir's Christmas Lunch, which is something of an institution amongst its clients (known as the 'Boudettes') takes place on Wednesday 14th December at the Waldorf Hilton Hotel which is on Aldwych just by the West End of London. Lunch is at 2pm and The Boudoir are taking bookings now. At GBP 195, the price of the trip includes the usual Boudoir make-over and nibbles and mulled wine before taking your transport to the venue for a posh 3 course lunch. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested in going with the group of girlz from The Boudoir, you will need to contact Jodie Lynn by e-mail or on 020 8211 1666.

Tue, 15 September 2015
Miss TV Scotland with The Boudoir
The Boudoir are once again organising an escorted trip to this year's Miss TV Scotland event which takes place from 23rd to 25th October in Dunfermline.
Jodie Lynn of the Boudour tells us:
We will fly up to Edinburgh from London and then transfer to The King Malcolm Hotel in Dunfermline. I will be doing makeovers and nails Friday afternoon for the 'Ladies Night At The Races' themed first evening - think big hats, fascinators and elegant dresses.
DJ Gladys takes over after with her disco late into the night. Then you can fall into bed and get a good night's sleep before rising bright and early for the day's activities throughout the Saturday. These range from quizzes to manicures and beauty treatments.
Saturday afternoon I will begin makeovers and Saturday night is of course the time of the fabulous Miss TV Scotland and Miss Hide and Sleek Competitions, taking place directly after a Three Course Gala Meal.
Sunday we fly back to London, normally with big smiles on our faces.
Anybody can enter the competitions, whether you are from Scotland or not, and of course you don't have to go on an escorted visit, you can just find your own way there if you wish to.
Miss TV Scotland is one of the most enjoyable events on the tranny calendar and a fabulous weekend where you get the chance to dress for the whole weekend if you want to. You don't even have to leave the hotel.
If you are interested in going with the group of girlz from The Boudoir, you will need to contact Jodie Lynn by e-mail or on 020 8211 1666. We are told that the event is very popular and places are limited.

Wed, 8 April 2015
Trans-MISSION High Heel Store Open
trans-mission london high heel storeTrans-MISSION announces the opening of our brand-new High Heel Store for Trannies. We have scoured the very hottest high heels, best boots and even practical flatties that on-line retailer Amazon has to offer and put them all in one place so that you don't have to go hunting. No need to check if they're available in larger sizes (e.g. UK size 9 or over) - we've done all the hard work for you, now you just have to sit back and surf to find those sexy new shoes! For more information visit the high heels page on our web-site.

Sat, 28 February 2015
Kinky Coffee and Cake in London
Good news from Alana at Coffee and Kink...
After years of trying to get a kink-friendly space back onto the high street, Coffee, Cake & Kisses is now open!
Our address is 54 Warren Street, London, W1T 5NN. Opening hours are Mon - Fri 8am - 8pm and Sat 12 noon - 8pm.
For the moment, we are on the ground floor only, but available for coffee, cake & kisses (and cards, and lunch, and savouries). Fit-out works will continue in the lower ground lounge and to bring back our books.
Special events on 14, 21 and 28 March. More details at www.coffeecakekisses.com.

Sun, 1 February 2015
Trans-MISSION web-site restored
Unfortunately towards the end of January 2015, the company hosting the Trans-MISSION web-site cancelled the hosting of the site (through a series of odd events but with no particular rhyme nor reason). The site has now been moved to a new host and restored.

Some of the data from the site was not on the back-up, in particular some chat room profiles. If you have lost your profile, please register again and rest-assured we are doing all we can to restore the web-site to its full former glory!

Thu, 21 March 2013
The Boudoir has moved...
Jodie Lynn of The Boudoir has some important news...
The Boudoir has moved to fantastic new premises in Canary Wharf!
We have waved goodbye to Bethnal Green and headed to a very private and quiet part of the city called Limehouse.
Just moments from the River Thames we are now operating from a luxurious penthouse apartment with stunning panoramic views and two great roof terraces. Ideal for those of you who smoke or for those that like to spend some time outside without having to hit the streets. Also great for those spring and summer appointments... and there WILL be summertime roof top parties I can promise you!Not sure we agree with you there Jodie
We have secure parking for the girlz that like to drive to appointments, and for our clients who commute, we are located just a short 5 minute walk to Westferry DLR station.
We are also fully air conditioned so that we can keep you cool, despite all of those wigs, corsets and nerves that make you feel so hot.
If you have an appointment booked in with us AFTER 11th March 2013, please contact us for the new address. The phone number (020 8211 1666) will remain the same.
Best wishes
Jodie Lynn
Trans-MISSION has always been a fan of Jodie, The Boudoir and it's clientelle (The Boudettes). Here's wishing them all the best for the future.

Fri, 31 August 2012
Body Shapers and Girdles

Demi Taylor from Body Boutique wrote to us...
Hi there!

I believe I can be of assistance to you and your discerning ladies. My company Body Boutique stock and sell body shapers and girdles for ladies of all shapes and sizes, to help achieve that more feminine figure and enhancement. Please take a look at my page on facebook.com/perfectbod for my full range of shapers and under garments.

Please contact me for free fittings!


Demi has told us that if you wish to contact her directly, you can call her on 020 3590 5789 or 07921 827691. So what are you waiting for? If you want curves in all the right places (and not lumps in all the wrong ones), perhaps she can help you.

Mon, 25 June 2012
My Transsexual Wedding

We have had this lovely letter from Nina at Electric Sky...
I'm working for a TV Production Company called Electric Sky and am contacting you about a new documentary series that I'm researching which I wondered if you could offer your advice on.

Last year, a series aired called 'My Transsexual Summer' which was met with a warm reception from viewers, the transgender community and those who contributed to the series.

A potential new series 'My Transsexual Wedding' would aim to continue the respectful and un-sensationalist tone of 'My Transsexual Summer' but focus on couples, one of whom is transgender, and who are planning to marry.

The programme would offer a portrait of the day to day challenges the couples experience and allow them to tell their stories. The arrangements of the wedding and the day itself would offer a framework around which to tell their stories. The series would aim to de-stigmatise this subject area with an honest and intelligent approach.

I appreciate the transgender community often are, quite rightfully, suspicious of their representation in the media but I believe this series would have a positive effect by allowing people to tell their stories while highlighting the challenges as well as celebrating the wedding/ civil partnership.

I'm keen to chat to people in the transgender community so I wondered if you have any events coming up, or would you be able to place some information on your webpage?

We're always happy to help someone who seems to have a sympathetic approach to us trannies! If you would like to get in touch with Electric Sky, please contact Nina by phone on 01273 229660 or by e-mail at dev@electricsky.com.

Tue, 8 May 2012
10% off Latex Lady outfits!

Latex Lady is offering a 10% discount to Trans-MISSION web-site visitors on their complete collection of lovely latex outfits throughout the month of May. They have a big choice of colours and if latex is your thing (and for a lot of trannies it is!) then they are probably the number one supplier in Europe.

To get your special 10% discount, visit the Latex Lady web-site and enter the voucher code 'May2012' at the checkout. The code is valid until 31st of May 2012.
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